Megan Lepper is currently located at Singing Hills Farm in Norco, CA. Please contact Megan regarding facility rates. 

Megan's training packages are tailored to fit the needs of horse and rider. She offers full and partial training packages and lessons to you and your horse. Megan can teach riders from the ground up.

Megan's services also include starting horses under saddle. She works with horses from weanlings to adults. Ground work is an important foundation in young horses, Megan starts working with these young horses on learning the basics needed before beginning their career under saddle. Consistency and patience are some of the best tools for developing young horses. Megan designs training packages to help bring your young horse along. She also gives lessons to help transition you into riding your young horse successfully. 

All riding techniques are based on safety and communication between horse and rider. Riding should be fun! Megan can help you reach your goals all while having a great time learning. 

Helmets are required of all students regardless of age and experience.